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Social Security Optimization Strategies
Parkview Mirro Center - March 30, 2017

There are 567 ways for a couple to claim Social Security. That’s right. So naturally, most individuals are looking for guidance in this overwhelming, ever-changing area. Social Security 567 is an educational resource for those nearing retirement. Social Security 567 provides educational workshops open to the public across the United States.

As a result of the Bi-Partisan Budget Act of 2015, there were significant changes made to SS claiming strategies that impact many individuals. Marsha will cover these changes in detail and help you learn ways to potentially maximize your benefits for you and/or your survivor(s).


Optimizing Your Social Security Benefits
Baker Street - November 1st & 3rd, 2016

This was a complimentarty dinner seminar given to help our guests find a better understanding of when and from where they will receive their income upon retirement. One of the most important hases of retirement planning is understanding Social Security benefits. Social Security is a retirement income source with some control and a variety of selections. Marsha's goal is to remove the confusion and mystery, which seems to surround the Social Security world. She explains the common misconceptions, as well as how to properly coordinate benefits with your spouse and other sources of income. Nothing is sold at her workshops, and we encourage everyone to sit back, relax and learn!


Women Wine & Wisdom
2EE's Winery - May 19th, 2016

This was a special educational event devoted exclusively to the financial planning needs of women. The evening started with a wine tasting and Hors d'Oeuvres pass, during which our guests had the opportunity to meet with other woman who are entering the same phase of life, and beginning to contemplate the planning of their retirement.  One of our esteemed guest speakers this evening was Nationally Recognized Speaker & Author of "Hiding in My Pajamas", Becky Kueker. A combination memoir and how-to guide, Becky presented a fresh look at the emotional costs of retirement. Recently retired from a successful career as a partner in a commercial architecture firm, she describes in her book, her personal journey (with much humor) of starting a new life and facing the fear and anxiety associated with aging. Each guest received a signed copy of Becky’s book as a gift for attending our special event this evening.

Our other guest speaker tonight was Mark D'Orio, CFA, CIO. Mark has been featured in Investor's Business Daily and quoted in the Wall Street Journal. Mark received his MBA from Benedictine University and is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). Mark is also a member of the CFA Institute and CFA Society of Chicago. He offered commentary on his market insights along with a current market update.


Social Security Benefits

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